Making Your Government Work for You (Even When It Doesn’t Want To)

Interest rates are low and it doesn’t look like that is going to change anytime soon.

Between trade wars and weak economic reports, it looks increasingly like the Fed will lower rates at least once this year, and traders in money markets are indicating they expect this to happen at the July meeting.

If so, that means it’s going to become even more difficult to earn a decent return from stable securities.

Treasury bill and bank CD rates will be microscopic, money market rates will inch even closer to zero, and high-quality bond yields will continue to be meager fare.

Turning to the historically low rates in the junk bond markets will be a disaster if the economy slows further – or worse, tips into a recession.

Adjustable rate levered loan funds and business development funds may appear attractive in theory, but in a slowing economy, theory can be even riskier than junk bonds.

Right now is simply a challenging – and potentially dangerous – time for folks looking for a safe, reasonable yield on their money.

That’s why I’m here to help

How You Can Save Your Retirement When the Fed Won’t

I am single-handedly trying to keep the print newspaper in business.

I read at least two papers every day, and on weekends I’ve been known to gust up to five.

Every day when I open the paper, I’m just a little bit surprised not to see scores of retirees protesting – if not rioting – at the Federal Reserve Building in Washington, DC.

You see, the Central Bank has kept interest rates at really low levels for a really long time.

That has made it nearly impossible for people who have saved all their life to earn enough interest to meaningfully supplement their social security and pension income.

But it can be done, and I can show you the way.