Spend Less Time on Your Portfolio and Increase Your Returns Using This Strategy

I had to talk myself into writing this article.

I have revealed – for free – two powerful bank stock investing strategies so far.

Putting the details of my third approach on the table with an example is going to cost me money.

Once I reveal a stock to you, I can’t buy the shares for myself because of our strict ownership policies here at Money Map Press, designed to protect readers from front-running and other types of double-dealing we have seen in the word of financial publishing.

Once I put this name out in the world – again, at no cost – this bank cannot be in my personal portfolio.

Nonetheless after pacing about for a bit I decided to go ahead and put this strategy out there for you to use.

Again, most folks won’t because it’s just old, boring bank stocks, and you want to own the next big thing.

If you want to able to brag around the water cooler, or over drinks at the club after 18 holes about the whizbang wonder stock you own, or you need to hear your stocks being talked about on TV and in print to verify your purchases, then this strategy is not for you.

However, if quietly and continually making the types of returns that most investors (and even most hedge fund managers) can only dream about, then read on.

Reduce Your Risk and Increase Gains with This Strategy

“Take a simple idea and take it seriously.”

I wish I had said that but, it was Charlie Munger of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (NYSE:BRK-A).

Charlie is the Oscar Wilde of Finance in that there seems to be a Mungerism for every occasion, but this is my favorite and probably the most important of them all, “Sometimes we overcomplicate the investment process, and it hurts our long-term returns.”

Applying the concept of taking simple things seriously works very well when it comes to bank stocks. It doesn’t need to be rocket science by any stretch of the imagination.

It occurred to me some years ago that a portfolio of bank stocks that traded at low Price-to-Earnings ratios, and paid a reasonably high dividend, would be a pretty profitable endeavor. As it turns out, I was almost right.

Applying these simple factors to bank stock is not just pretty profitable; it is wildly profitable.

Applying these simple factors to bank stock is not just pretty profitable; it is wildly profitable.

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