Special Reports

The Legendary Landlord Portfolio

When it comes to owning REITs at bargain prices, most people plainly don’t get it at all. Do yourself a favor- take a look at the list of the world’s 400 wealthiest people and see how many of those vast fortunes were generated by real estate projects of one kind or another. Consider the richest guys in your town. Now ask yourself, “How many of them made their cash in the real estate game?” Real estate builds fortunes, plain and simple, and REITs could be the key to building your real estate empire. I’ve examined thousands of deals and worked with some of the best real estate investors of all time to determine the metrics and formulas necessary to locate the best opportunities in this this total return powerhouse sector. You’ll find a link to the results below. In this special report, you’ll find details on five fantastic opportunities than can quadruple your returns in 2020 and leave the Wall Street know-it-alls scratching their heads wondering how you did it without their always-accurate advice. Click here for the full report.

My Strategy for Permanent, Tax-Free Income (No Government Required)

There’s a lot of hype surrounding the funds your broker will pitch to you, but some of those investments do more to line their pockets than yours. Learn the secrets the pros use to trade one of the most popular classes of funds to generate solid returns for yourself, not your broker. Click here for the full report.

Bank 428% Gains or More Using the Five Max Wealth Rules

The only way to make true long-term wealth in the markets is by diligently following the common-sense strategy summarized in our five Max Wealth rules. They’re proven to unlock explosive gains – starting with this first deal that could make you 428% or more.
Click here for the full report.

Why Your Broker Might Be Embezzling from You

You probably like your broker. Maybe you regularly play golf or have dinner with him. You feel like you’re in good hands each time you talk on the phone. But I want you to remember one thing… A lot of people had nice things to say about Bernie Madoff at one point. He seemed like an affable guy with good intentions. It wasn’t until this famous money manager stole $65 billion of his clients’ life savings that opinions radically changed. But for every Madoff, there are likely hundreds of guilty stock brokers that never make national headlines. Here are the seven signs that your broker could be one of them. Click here for the full report.

Wall Street’s Biggest Cons, Cash Grabs, and Scams

Wall Street is not your friend. As a retail investor, you are just a source of fees and commissions for rich men in suits and ties. You finance their boats. You fuel their private jets. You pay the mortgage on their second home. One sale at a time. Brokerage firms are sales organizations that exist to make money – just not necessarily for you. So let me show you the real truth behind Wall Street’s biggest cons, cash grabs, and scams – and what you should do with your money instead. Click here for the full report.

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