How I’ll Pay for My Granddaughter’s College in 18 Years (Starting Now)

In December of 2017, the world’s most perfect granddaughter was born in Chicago, thereby making me (if we go by the age my wife usually accuses me of acting) the youngest grandfather in the history of the world.

It was probably the only time I was happy about flying from Florida to the snow and ice along Lake Michigan, but it was hard not to burst into song as the plane came in over the frozen city that day. Thankfully I resisted that urge as my voice is so bad it could easily be labeled as a threat to public health and result in me being in jail instead of holding my first grandchild.

Recently, someone asked me how I thought I would position the investment portfolio that would help pay for her college and start in life 20 years or so from now. Naturally, her parents and I have already had this discussion, and we have begun to position the “granddaughter portfolio” to help not only with college but her entire lifetime.

You may have a kid or grandkid, or you may just want to know how to be comfortably situated 18 years down the road.

Well, if this advice is good enough for the precious baby in my life, it’s good enough for you

Special Video Update on CLNY (Plus My Hawaiian Shirt)

This weekend, I’m treating you to what I hope will be a semi-regular feature here in Max Wealth: An unprofessionally filmed video update from my study, starring me in one of the loud Hawaiian shirts my wife hates.

I warned you yesterday: I plan on having fun with this.

A big part of the fun, of course, is keeping you up to date on how our “hidden gem” stocks are performing. That starts with Colony Capital (CLNY), our recommendation earlier this week.

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