Two Takeover Plays to Scale Up Your Success

I’ve seen the prediction game played annually for over three decades now.

Every year I’ve seen enormous amounts of money lost from those attempting to play along at home with the predictors and prognosticators.

If you want to know what the stock market will do next year, you’re going to have to keep looking for that crystal ball.

The hard truth is that no one knows.

I say this often, and it’s something of a mantra with me.

Predicting events is difficult. If you take that one step farther and try to predict how the market will react to events that haven’t happened, it makes the task impossible.

There are much better, more profitable ways to increase your market returns.

So as we approach the new year, I’m highlighting some of the best quantitative strategies and the companies that can help you build life-changing wealth in 2020 and beyond.

I’ve got just the one. Let’s take a look

Give Yourself the Gift of Triple-Digit Tech Returns for 2020

As we head into Christmas, I wanted to go through some of my best stock picking systems and present a few holiday gift ideas for everyone.

I’m going to go through the very best models and give you an idea or two that could help drive your investment profits much higher in 2020.

Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like ideas that can produce double and triple-digit returns over the next year.

Let’s get started

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