Important Stock Update: How We’re Profiting on Colony Capital and Star Gas Partners

Since we started Max Wealth, we have discussed a lot of ideas and concepts regarding making money in the stock market.

So far, we’ve recommended two actual investments, Colony Capital (CLNY) and Star Gas Partners (SGU). These are two of my favorite stocks to own right now, and I have no intention of suggesting selling either of them for a very long time. I think those of you who join this adventure will make an enormous amount of money in the years ahead.

So I thought I would take a few minutes to provide an update to these two investments.

College Football Conference titles games get underway this weekend, so I’ll try to keep this brief

How to Spot Crowded Trades… And Avoid Them Like the Plague

If you have followed me at all over the years, you know I pay pretty close attention to the quarterly filings of leading hedge fund managers and institutional investors.

Back in the Stone Age when I began doing this, we didn’t get immediate access to the filings. You had to write into the SEC and have them mailed.

Eventually, Henry Emerson, the publisher of the Outstanding Investor, began producing a report each quarter that would come a few weeks after the filings deadline, so we all signed up for it.

Knowing what the very best and brightest of America’s investors were buying and selling was a substantial informational advantage back then.

Of course, the advantage that comes from tracking these leading investors is gone now. The filings are live online seconds after being received at the SEC, and some paid sites have the analysis up in minutes. At worst case, the Nasdaq site has all the info up within 24 hours.

The advantage of having information no one else does, like so many stock market advantages, has been eliminated by the widespread availability of information.

Rather than providing an advantage, this widespread availability of information leads to crowded trades.

That’s why we have to rely upon a totally different approach nowadays…

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