Give These Misunderstood Companies the Credit They Deserve

We’re in the home stretch of the holiday shopping season. We now have less than nine days until Christmas.

Every shopping center parking lot, truck stop, and shipping depot across America is a madhouse as retailers do everything they can to satisfy the frenzied hordes of rabid consumers descending upon their storefronts and delivery vans.

Those hordes are driven to consume by the expectations of the season (angry in-laws, disappointed spouses, and crying children), relentlessly searching to find the best gifts money can buy. Many of them will be mindlessly piling up charges on their credit cards until the plastic melts, only to end up sobbing and drinking heavily when the bill comes due.

We mostly hear negative stories about debt like our charge-happy friends above, but when used correctly, debt is an effective economic tool that allows us to increase our future productivity and profitability.

Similar to personal finances, there is also good and bad debt at the highest reaches of the economy.

Those companies that know how to use and manage debt to their advantage can lead us to a wildly profitable 2020

Get the Inside Scoop on How to Pile-Up Long Term Profits

We are rapidly closing in on Christmas.

I’m flying up to Baltimore today for the Money Map Christmas party and returning home for the final preparations for the big day.

I have to confess that I’m not looking forward to being in cold weather even for a few days, but it should be a great weekend in spite of the frigid temperatures.

Then it will be back to South Florida with temperatures in the 80s for Christmas week.

Leading up to the new year, I’ve been sharing some ideas form my quantitative models that have beaten the pants off the major stock indexes over the past several years.

I favor quantitative approaches to investing as it takes feelings and bias out of the equation and lessens the chance I make a decision based on a story or a tip instead of the facts.

Relying on just the numbers has made me a lot more money than any story over the past three decades. Keeping with the spirit of the season, I want to share these strategies to guide you on your way to market success, help you maximize your wealth, and live your best life.

Today’s strategy encompasses two of my favorite things

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