A Market Correction for the Corrections Market

Once we accept that the returns from traditional stocks and bonds are going to be subpar for a very long time, we have to start thinking differently.

Private equity replication, community banks, and REITs should continue to lie at the heart of your approach to investing for the next decade…

But in this low-to-negative interest rate world, we will need to think differently and explore the corners of the market that no one else is even thinking about right now.

As a speaker expressed it this past weekend, “It’s time to get weird.”

There is one segment of the REIT markets that’s considered controversial by pretty much everyone.

It has also been a favorite political target in the last couple of election cycles.

However, the core fundamentals across the sector demand that we at least have the discussion

Get Outside of the Box and Crush Index Returns

I spent the past weekend at an investment conference that featured a bunch of speakers talking about various ways to make money in the financial markets.

The dirty little secret is that I don’t go to watch the presentations.

I go mostly to visit with friends who are speaking, as was the case this time.

I also take the opportunity to do a lot of people watching and small talk to see what people are currently doing with their money and what their concerns are at a given moment in time.

The presentations, for the most part, were pretty run-of-the-mill, vanilla, low-cost index funds and buy-and-hold strategies.

That might be okay for some, but if you want to be financially secure sometime this century, then you’re going to need a better plan.

Lucky for you, I have a few I can show you

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