When the Dust Settles, This Company’s Shareholders Could Win Big

“Skin in the game” is a phrase you will hear me use often.

The idea that the people in charge of things should have a stake in the outcome is one that could fix almost all of the problems we have in the world today.

While elected officials, hedge fund managers, and corporate executives participate in the upside when things work out well, very few of them take the full brunt of the pain when things go south.

This idea is particularly powerful when it comes to the stock market.

When company executives have the right incentive, it can be wildly profitable for shareholders. Here’s how

This Investing Secret Beats the Market by More Than 400%

One of the secrets of making money is to go where no one else is going.

If you buy indexes, blue chips, and the big, sparkly tech companies, then you’re doing the same thing pretty much everyone else on the planet is doing.

You won’t outperform the market because you’ll be part of the market.

In Star Trek speak you will have been assimilated.

You will be part of the thundering herd of Wall Street, and if you’re very fortunate, you will have average performance.

But we’re not here to settle for average returns. You can beat their performance by a factor of four, and I’m going to show you how

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