Here at Max Wealth, We Do Thanksgiving A Little Differently

As you are reading this, I have a house full of almost 20 people for Thanksgiving dinner.

I have been up since the crack of dawn making sausage and sage stuffing, and getting the oversized bird into the oven.

It’s easy odds to bet that my wife is running behind me with cleaning materials and wishing I was out of her kitchen, but cooking the turkey and stuffing is my thing and has been for over 30 years. She does everything else, but all things turkey belong to me.

This year will be the world’s most beautiful granddaughter’s first, so I am sure she is holding court in the living room with all her many admirers.

The table is set, the bar is stocked, and we are looking forward to a fantastic day of family and friends.

Thanksgiving indeed is one of my favorite Holidays. There is family, friends, food, wine, football – and I do not have to buy a single present for anybody. It’s a day just to enjoy, and yes, to be grateful for all we have.

My list of things to be grateful for seems to grow longer every year. There is the usual stuff that is on everyone’s list, but when I really think about my life and how it has developed, I am inspired to give thanks for quite a number of things.

So let me share a few of them, which may help you profit as well

This Strategy Netted 42.32% and 79.81% During the Last Two Bear Markets

If you have been paying any attention to the markets – I really hope you haven’t been because it’s usually a waste of time – you know that stocks have been pretty volatile of late.

There are fears the economy is growing slower than we all think and earnings growth will slow or maybe even decline. There are fears that it’s growing faster than we all think and the Fed will be quick to raise interest rates. And there are fears about what the California wildfires will do to the California electric utility companies’ balance sheet (Hint: It’s not pretty). If you can dream it, some breathless prognosticator has blamed it for the recent stock declines.

Right now, we are seeing some very dire forecasts from some very smart people suggesting that stocks have a lot lower to fall. Goldman Sachs reported last week that its bear market indicator is at the highest level since the 1970s.

But even amid these dire forecasts, we have reason not to fear. One strategy returned 42.32% and 79.81% even during the most worrisome of times.

Let’s take a look

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