Take a Deep Breath – It Isn’t Time to Catch Falling Knives Just Yet

“May you live in interesting times” is thought to be an ancient Chinese curse.

Unfortunately, we find ourselves living in interesting times right now.

The coronavirus is at the top of every discussion right now, and it probably should be.

The virus continues to spread almost unchecked around the globe and has slowed down the global supply chain.

This has sent global stock markets falling.

Here in the United States, the S&P 500 dropped a staggering 11% in just one week.

All the gains of early 2020 have been wiped out in just a few days of trading.

The amazing part of it all is how many folks have become acclaimed virologists in just a short time.

It seems everyone knows what path the virus will take and how it will impact the global economy.

I’m seeing lots of advice and ideas on what to do in response to this virus all over the internet.

Almost all of it is wrong…

Don’t Fall for Panic Selling – Do This Instead

It’s been a fun week so far. The fears of the coronavirus have finally hit the market, and the selling has been intense at times.

Owners of allegedly safe blue-chip stocks have taken a tremendous hit as sellers have emerged in earnest. I have been saying for some time that stocks were overvalued but had no reason to go down. Now it seems they have found a reason, and we have no idea where this particular leg of the journey will end.

Luckily here at Max Wealth, we have a tried and true strategy to approach markets like this, even when things seem bleak.

Here’s what I mean

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