This Improbable Opportunity Could Net You a Healthy Gain

While I was considering Tuesday’s Black Swan scenario, another popular issue came to my mind…

What would happen if we actually got Medicare for all?

I don’t know the answer to that question, but given the size of the bureaucracy and number of people involved, I hope I never see that particular event unfold.

Right now, there’s no shortage of candidates running for office who think socialized healthcare is the greatest thing since Dylan went electric.

So if we go by what we’ve already seen, then there’s more than enough evidence to know it’s a possibility…

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my study of markets and math: if it’s a possibility, then there’s a way to make a trade with jaw-dropping profit potential

Your Next 1,000% Black Swan Opportunity

I thought I would start this week with another Black Swan Trade.

We recently had a discussion about economic Black Swans, their effects, and how the exposure to the improbable could be very, very profitable with minimal risk.

Once again, we’re going to talk about placing a small bet on something very unpredictable.

If it misses, you lose less money than it costs to take the family to movies and a cheap dinner on Friday night.

If it hits, you can cash in – big-time

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