This Black Hole Has Been Stealing Your Profits for Years. But Not Anymore…

Earlier this week we talked about investing based on trends, and I pointed out one long-lasting trend that should drive homebuilders higher by several multiples in the years ahead.

While I think you would probably do pretty well just buying and holding on builders at the current levels, I am not satisfied with just doing well. I want to do exceedingly – two stages past fantastic – well.

To do that, I wait for the individual companies to come into buy range based on my numbers-oriented approach to stock selection. Catching a significant social, demographic, or economic trend in the markets can be a good thing. Finding one at a bargain price is a spectacular thing.

So today, I want to talk about another huge trend that is going to change an entire industry completely.

This one not only saves you money, it could make you money

Here’s How Millennials Hold the Secret to Your Real Estate Investments

I keep a list of powerful social and demographic trends and likely beneficiaries in my office.

I am well aware, for example, of things like the emerging field of artificial intelligence, the growing need for infrastructure, and the wild American spending on pets.

Not to mention, the ever-increasing global middle class, the aging of the population, and other massive shifts will be a source of phenomenal profits in the years and decades ahead.

At first glance, one would think that relying on my Sabermetric data to select stocks would mean that I miss many of these trends.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I spend most of my days either running data screens and tests or reading.

I read across a broad spectrum of topics, which include the financial markets, the global economy, and international politics. And I delve into industry-specific publications and academic papers on a wide range of issues.

Doing this allows me to develop a broader picture of the world, and spot trends that will change the world and the markets.

On this list of trends in my office, I record the Sabermetric value of all these companies on my radar and the price level where they will become bargains.

When I find a great company at a bargain price in an industry that is experiencing powerful social and demographic tailwinds, it becomes difficult NOT to make money.

One of those industries is housing, and the millennials are driving it…

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