A Bonus “Heatseekers” Pick for You… Out of the Goodness of My Heart

In case you’ve been living under a rock the past week, here’s a link to the Heatseekers video I released on Wednesday. It will tell you in fascinating detail how I use baseball metrics to generate my, so far, undefeated track record (and how you can do the same thing).

“Heatseekers” are All-Star stocks at bargain prices, and I sift through a very exacting set of criteria to find them.

This weekend, I want to give you a glimpse into how that process works…the kinds of recommendations I make for Heatseekers…how I pick them out…and what makes them special.

Perhaps most impressive, in order to illustrate the process, I am giving you a “bonus” pick, absolutely for free, right here.

Now, this isn’t an official “Heatseekers” pick – you won’t find it in our official portfolio – but it fits my “WAR” and “Cost of WAR” criteria – and it serves as a great example of the kind of “hidden gems” that we look for.

If you buy this, you’ll be a very happy camper over the next few months.

View this page online: https://maxwealth.com/2018/09/a-bonus-heatseekers-pick-for-you-out-of-the-goodness-of-my-heart/