Here’s What to Focus on During This Downturn

We’ve gone from a concern, to a crisis, to panic, to what is quickly trying to be a tragedy.

I’m not talking about stock prices.

Yes, stocks are getting slaughtered, and yes, it is painful.

However, prices will eventually bottom and recover and move on to new highs.

My crystal ball is still in the shop, so I have no idea how long that will take, but it will happen.

As Charlie Munger has often opined, if you can’t handle a 50% drawdown, you shouldn’t be in the stock market.

We’ve seen it before, and we will see it again.

We can’t change what’s happened, so we need to focus on what we can do right now

The Road to Profits Through the Downturn Favors the Aggressive-Patient Investor

Today’s column is only for the very aggressive and the very patient.

While those two traits don’t often go together, the aggressive-patient investor can make an enormous amount of money by wading in where and when others fear to tread and then simply waiting for good things to happen.

It can be a very bumpy ride, but even a small handful of winners over a lifetime can result in a massive pile of cash profits for intrepid buyers.

Today we’re going to explore one of the most feared sectors of the market right now in order to find opportunities that can help put those odds in your favor.

Let’s get started

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