FinTech Could Make Big Bank for These Two Stocks (And You)

FinTech was going to make banking obsolete.

That was the consensus not all that long ago.

I remember being at a Bank Director conference several years ago out in Arizona. They hosted a Financial Technology panel talking about all the technological advancements that were coming to banking over the next several years. The FinTech company reps demonstrated some of the next big things in payments, deposit gathering, loan marketing, automatic tellers, and underwriting.

As I looked around the room, it was like seeing Baltimore Colts fans at the end of Super Bowl 3. No one could believe what they had just seen, and they had visions of their demise dancing around in their heads.

In the hall after the session, a coffee pot conversation sprung up on the topic, and several bankers expressed fears that this would be the end of banking as we know it.

I declared BS for a couple of reasons.

Wall Street Gets Schooled by These Two Stocks

The school system here in the United States is a mess.

It’s going to take billions, if not trillions, of dollars to repair and that tsunami of cash can help those who jump on the education technology and repair bandwagon rich.

To give you an idea of the type of potential gains involved back in August of 2016, I recommended Chegg (CHGG) and 12 Learnings (LRN) as stock to profit from the educational technology trends.

Since then, Chegg has been a monster stock returning 576% for those who were paying attention.

K12 has been the poor stepchild advancing only 134%.

A $10,000 investment in each would be worth over $91,000 today.

This is life-changing profits from an investment that makes the world a better place and our children’s futures a whole lot brighter.

That’s my kind of win-win

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