The Top Takeaways from the Big Apple Financial Forum

It was a whirlwind week that started in New York at the NYU REIT Symposium and ended at the Money Map Black Diamond Conference in South Florida yesterday.

Much was learned, many steaks were consumed, and we did our best to lighten the supply of bourbon in both locations.

It was tiring but more than worth the time and effort put into the week.

The REIT event was a little eye-opening.

Most of those in attendance think that the U.S. economy will slow noticeably but not tip back into a recession.

Now, remember these were not just a bunch of people standing around talking about REITs.

It was real estate developers, REIT C-Suite executives, private-equity funds like KKR and Blackstone that own a lot of real estate who have enormous amounts of skin in the game.

They have been dealing with economic cycles, interest rates, and even market cycles for a long time.

They have gotten pretty good at figuring out where we are in the cycle.

With the right timing, you can get not only a bargain deal, but a potentially life-changing investment.

The Two Best REITs Coming Out from New York Forum

By the time you get this, I should be in Manhattan headed to my hotel on the Upper East Side.

I will be looking forward to an evening at the bar in a steakhouse around the corner with a ribeye, a nice rye whiskey, and the Yankees-Tiger game on TV while monitoring the Orioles on the MLB app on my phone.

I have minimal hopes of ending the evening with an Orioles victory, but a Manhattan bar, steak, and whiskey with baseball on the TV are a delightful combination that I have not enjoyed in some time.

That is not the primary reason for going to the Big Apple, but it is a nice perk.

The New York University Schack Institute of Real Estate puts on a REIT symposium every year, and I am going to attend this year.

It is an incredibly useful and informative event with speakers from the industry talking about trends and opportunities in the market today.

Recognizing and capitalizing on these market movements can make anyone a new fortune in REITs.

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