Here’s Your “Common Sense” Way to Deal with Coronavirus Panic

Recently, I sat down with my colleague Garrett Baldwin to talk about the one thing that’s on everyone’s minds lately: what to do in the midst of the coronavirus panic.

Sensibility is in short supply nowadays, with everyone either acting like we’re on the brink of the zombie apocalypse and buying their local Walmart’s entire stock of toilet paper, or not taking a damn ounce of this situation seriously and hosting “quarantine parties” in their backyard. There’s little gray area.

So, Garrett and I wanted to reach out and tell you how it really is. Because what you need now is clarity, honesty, and common sense.

We’ll also give you a couple of moves you can make if you desperately need to be in the markets right now.

So go ahead and give it a listen

Potential Plays as the Markets Wait for Washington to Act

Brace yourself for another rough news week.

As we do more testing, the coronavirus numbers are going to pile up dramatically in The United States.

Financial markets are being decimated, and there are too many unknown unknowns for the end to be sight right now.

The oil price war occurring at the same time as this virus began to spread aggressively around the globe has proven to be one of the worst double whammy shocks to the financial system of all time.

While it feels like no way out at the moment, it will end at some point in the future.

The economy and the markets will recover and move to new all-time highs.

Waiting it out is not easy, but it is necessary.

Every bear market has ended and led to a full recovery, and this will transform from a disaster into a buying opportunity of epic proportions.

I have seen some around the web declare that the moment is here. I don’t think so.

Here’s why

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