The Secret to Lasting Success in the Markets

Today I want to have a conversation about one of the most important topics in all of investing.

It’s so important, and no one ever talks about it out loud.

Wall Street does not want to have this conversation.

Most advisors do not want you to think about this subject.

The so-called “experts” on financial television networks would be out of a job if too many people took this topic seriously.

It’s critical to your investment success, but no one wants you to know about it.

So I think it’s time we shined a light on this subject to help you avoid mistakes and make a lot more money from your investing efforts.

Let’s get started

Here’s How You Can Energize Your Income in the Slow Economy

A recent report suggested that if the U.S. oil export ban were reinstated, it would reduce global carbon emissions by as much as 80-to-181 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent each year.

That sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

We should reinstate the ban that Barack Obama lifted during his presidency now that the U.S. is a net exporter of oil, it will save the planet!

This all sounds wonderful until you realize that Greenpeace is the co-sponsor of the report is and it’s incredibly slanted towards that organization’s goals.

Naturally, all of the current democratic candidates for President also think that banning oil exports will be a wonderful tonic and a giant step towards reducing carbon emissions.

There are two major problems with this

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