How to Make Money No Matter What Happens At The Midterms

In the past few weeks, my inbox has been blowing up with email messages with big bright headlines advising me what to do with my portfolio before the midterm elections. These pundits and prophets are suggesting all sorts of clever things that you need to do right now to protect yourself from all the changes that could happen if the Republicans either keep or lose control of the House of Representatives. 

If you get such an email, do us both a favor and just hit delete.

Three Problems with “The Prediction Machine”

  • They look at the short term.
  • They look at sensational stories, not at numbers.
  • They draw correlations that aren’t actually there.

Here’s how I avoid all those problems (and developed my undefeated track record).

The arrogance of someone making a confident prediction about election outcomes in the muddled mess that is the state of American politics right now is stunning. Right now, the forecasters and gamblers have the Democrats gaining the House and the GOP retaining control of the Senate. Keep in mind we have 4 weeks to go, and most of these same forecasters had Hillary winning the election and the Kavanaugh confirmation being denied.

The world of politics has been much harder to “game” since 2016. In fact, it’s almost as difficult to accurately predict electoral outcomes as it is to predict stock market moves.

However, as a self-confessed political junkie and undefeated market strategist, I have figured out the one thing you need to do to make money no matter what happens on November 6.

Here it is

Buy “Stuff,” Not Ideas (And Make Piles of Money)

I don’t know about you, but I like to buy and own stuff. Real tangible things that I can touch and see as I make my way through the world.

Think about your average week. You probably go to the bank, either in person or online, a time or two. You gas up the car, stop at the grocery store, drive on the freeway, work in a commercial building or office of some sort and maybe go to the doctors or dentist office. You use electricity, perhaps some natural gas to heat your home, water, gasoline and most likely relax by watching cable or satellite TV. All of this fits my definition of stuff.

Once stuff is in place it generates gobs of cash for years and often even decades. Toll roads, office building, power plants, cable systems, retail and medical real estate and even the things needed to finance, build, and maintain stuff are examples of my favorite type of investments.

Let me say that again: Stuff.

Not ideas.

This puts me at odds with most of Wall Street, since they love to push you to buy big ideas – big, abstract ideas that may or may not work out so well in the long run.

Here’s why “ideas” are a bad idea – and “stuff” will always make you way more money.

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