Digging for Gold on the Trading Floor

I am not a huge fan of gold.

I don’t own any except for what my wife wears from time to time, and the little bit I wear on my left hand every day.

I’ve never bought into the idea that gold would be the currency of choice if the world collapsed as some espouse.

If the world collapses the best currency is probably going to bullets and canned food, and since I live in hurricane company and we are both avid recreational shooters, I have plenty of that on hand…

But I do have a few tricks that make gold more valuable.

Let me show what I mean

Get Your Portfolio Out of the Closet and Take Control of Your Financial Future

There is now more money in index funds than there is in actively managed mutual funds.

The story is actually worse than that – the vast majority of actively managed mutual funds and the portfolios of alleged active index fund managers very closely resemble the S&P 500 right now.

Closet indexing has always been a thing on Wall Street, but today it’s more relevant than ever.

When I look through the 13F filings every quarter, it’s clear that most managers are trying to do a little better than the index by owning the same stocks as the index and tweaking positions sizes by sector and company.

Most of them fail miserably at this.

A passive approach is not going to build wealth, and may not even protect it very well. In order to increase your returns, you’re going to have to have the courage of your convictions.

So, grab the reins, and let me help you take control of your financial future

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