How to Make Tech Investing Easier and Wildly Profitable

There are many ways to use 13F filings to make money, and I have made it a point to uncover as many of them as I can over the years.

Knowing where some of the most knowledgeable and successful investors in their fields have placed their bets is a fantastic tool we can use to craft winning investment strategies.

One of the critical parts of being a successful long-term investor is to have a strategy (or three) that fits your personality like a glove. That’s why I’m constantly working to find new information and strategies and bring them here for you at Max Wealth.

Because if those two factors align, that means you’re more likely to stay with the strategies that can help you remain disciplined and patient with your portfolio.

When that kind of synergy is working, it will have you sleeping easy at night as you earn wildly profitable returns.

Let me show you how you can put this information to work

It Would Be a Crime Not to Use This Profitable Strategy

One of the best ways to make a massive pile of money in the stock market is to think like a pirate.

Last week was the deadline for money managers and hedge funds to report their holdings to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

This happens every quarter, and the deadlines days are four of my favorite days of the year.

They’re not quite up there with Opening Day of the baseball season, the College Football kickoff game, or Christmas, but they’re not all that far behind, either.

Perusing these documents and comparing them to the previous quarter can reveal valuable information about what the best and the brightest minds on Wall Street are doing with their investor’s cash.

Stealing the best ideas of the best investors can make you a fortune.

I started doing this years ago, long before it became super easy to look the information up online.

That easy information has made things a little trickier, but it can still be done. Let me show you how