Use This Investing Trick When Markets Are Volatile

It’s noisy out there if you pay any attention to the media or spend any time at all on that wonderful new source of news, social media.

Stocks are crashing. Stocks are exploding upward!

Buy gold! Never buy gold.

The dollar is going to rise dramatically and crush the U.S. economy! The dollar will fall and lose status as a global reserve currency and crash the U.S. economy.

Buy bonds! Never buy bonds.

Annuities are wonderful! Annuities are evil

It can get real confusing, real quick if you’re trying to find your way through the investment jungle.

Fortunately, you have me to filter all this stuff for you.

After more than 30 years of watching the crescendo of news and increasingly fake news build, my BS detector has become finely tuned over the years.

There’s one important thing to focus on when considering what to do when this happens…

Increase Your Returns as Demand for This Industry Grows

America is getting older.

I’m living proof of that. I still feel 30 in my head and often wonder who the old guy looking back at me in the mirror is some days.

I have aches and pains in places I never knew I had.

My wife stays on top of what tests and procedures I have to have every year because I passed the magic fifty threshold. I’ve been to the doctors more often in the last eight years than in the first five decades of my life, and I can’t have two ham sandwiches for lunch every day and mashed potatoes five times a week without a noticeable impact on the waistline.

According to U.S. Census projections, by 2035 there will be more people of retirement age than people under 18 for the first time in American history. By 2060, 23% of the population will be 65 or older.

The aging of America is a very long-term trend and shows no signs of reversing anytime soon.

That’s going to put one hell of a strain on Social Security and Medicare- but that’s a problem for another discussion entirely.

The aging trend is also going to create an enormous demand for healthcare services.

As that demand skyrockets, the healthcare industry will grow by billions, and here’s how we’re going to get our share of it