Get Rich Buying What You Love with This One Simple Trick

It’s a pretty damn good life.

Figuring out the correct way to use math in selecting stocks has made an enormous difference in my life over the last decade.

There’s no more rushing out the door to work in the morning for this guy.

No more branch managers insisting you sell annuities and brand new front-end loaded funds to your clients.

No more compliance officers who don’t understand arbitrage, or think illiquid stocks cause cancer and erectile dysfunction.

I don’t put up with any of that anymore.

I spend my days doing what I want – helping other people, like you. I want to show folks how to use objective, emotionless math, and ignore crowd-think. I want to help you move their own goals and dreams closer to reality and have a blast doing it, every day.

I want to help you look forward to getting up each day.

And here’s how I’m going to do it

These Two “Ugly Babies” Could Prove Wall Street Wrong

We have all had the experience of meeting a friend or ‘relatives’ new baby and at the grand unveiling, discovering that the poor little bouncing ball of happiness is ugly.

Really ugly.

I’m talking the type of ugly that led to the phrase a face only a mother could love.

The ugly truth is that some babies are just… well, ugly.

In spite of that, we love them anyway, and most of them grow up to be good looking adults with bright futures.

The same goes for stocks.