Expand Your Income in the Low Interest Environment Instead of Your Risk

We’ve had several interesting discussions about yield in recent weeks.

When I was a broker, some of our most significant competition for investment dollars was from the banks.

A lot of retirees and near-retirees did not want to take a lot of risks when they could earn up to 7% from a fully insured bank Certificate of Deposit.

They knew they would get all the money back, and they never spent a minute worrying about how the S&P 500 or Dow Jones indexes were doing that day.

These risk-averse folks would rarely even consider a REIT or a muni bond fund.

They liked their bank, they trusted their bank, and they knew Uncle Sam had their back if their bankers decided to be stupid.

The bad news is those options no longer exist.

These days you need to think differently and explore the corners of the market that no one else is even thinking about if we’re going to find good yield without taking on massive risk.

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Give Yourself the Gift of Triple-Digit Tech Returns for 2020

As we head into Christmas, I wanted to go through some of my best stock picking systems and present a few holiday gift ideas for everyone.

I’m going to go through the very best models and give you an idea or two that could help drive your investment profits much higher in 2020.

Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like ideas that can produce double and triple-digit returns over the next year.

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