Here’s the “Burmese Python” Problem that Marijuana Companies Face Right Now

I admit it. Back in the day, I knew a few folks who sold marijuana.

Now, these weren’t your evil back-alley drug lords. They were mostly just regular guys looking for a little extra cash to help pay the bills.

But they did share the same problem as those who run legal cannabis ventures today…

What the hell do you do with all that cash?

You couldn’t just drop a bunch of cash in the bank without someone asking a bunch of tricky questions. The guys I knew put it in air ducts, under the floorboards, or anywhere else they thought they could safely hide it.

The best solution I ever heard of was from a guy I knew who had some unusual pets. He would put the cash in a shoebox and put the box in a glass cage that also happened to be the home of his two six-foot Burmese pythons.

It’s safe to say he never worried about losing any of his money.

But then again, not everyone – especially a cannabis firm navigating tricky federal regulations – is lucky enough to have Burmese pythons guarding their earnings

The Three Bank Secrets You Need This Year

I’m about to show you a few of the best small bank investing strategies I’ve got up my sleeves.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that I love bank stocks. Especially small bank stocks.

I have made an enormous amount of money in the small banks.

I have had clients and friends who retired because they invested in a bundle of small banks and then experienced multiple takeovers in their portfolio giving them huge gains.

I also know plenty of bank executives who invested heavily in the shares of their bank and became what I like to call filthy, dirty, stinking rich.

There is actually no secret to investing in small banks. Anyone can do it.

Back in the days of yore when I had still had a head full of hair, you had to cook up with a regional broker who specialized in small banks as the big firms and discounters wanted nothing to do with trading them. There just was not enough volume to make it worth their while.

You had to find someone like me in an office outside the big city who worked away the day peddling municipal bonds and bank stocks to his clients.

Today the advent of electronic trading has made it a lot easier to trade small, illiquid banks. I use a well-known discount brokerage for most of my stuff and have never had a problem even when buying banks in the $10 million market cap range.

That’s a good thing, because the strategy I use is ridiculously profitable.