How You Can Save Your Retirement When the Fed Won’t

I am single-handedly trying to keep the print newspaper in business.

I read at least two papers every day, and on weekends I’ve been known to gust up to five.

Every day when I open the paper, I’m just a little bit surprised not to see scores of retirees protesting – if not rioting – at the Federal Reserve Building in Washington, DC.

You see, the Central Bank has kept interest rates at really low levels for a really long time.

That has made it nearly impossible for people who have saved all their life to earn enough interest to meaningfully supplement their social security and pension income.

But it can be done, and I can show you the way.

How a Pig Farmer Can Improve Our Investing

Building a consistent and profitable track record in the stock market requires rigid rules and strict discipline to those rules.

Strict rules and discipline are how I have managed to put together a long string of winners over the past five years.

I have a strict set of rules for buying bank stocks, and as long as I stick to those rules, it’s almost close to impossible to lose money owning them.

In the last six years now, I have not closed a single losing trade.

And I owe a lot of it to this story.