Give Yourself the Gift of Triple-Digit Tech Returns for 2020

As we head into Christmas, I wanted to go through some of my best stock picking systems and present a few holiday gift ideas for everyone.

I’m going to go through the very best models and give you an idea or two that could help drive your investment profits much higher in 2020.

Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like ideas that can produce double and triple-digit returns over the next year.

Let’s get started

Use This Volatility Oversight to Ramp Up Your Profit Potential

I don’t know about your home, but Christmas is officially here at the Melvin House.

The annual discussion (no point calling it an argument; that would imply I had some chance of winning) between my wife and I about how much of my collection of Snoopy and Orioles decorations I’m allowed to display is over, and the house is dripping with Christmas cheer.

But despite all the candy canes, snowflakes, garland, and twinkling lights, there’s one topic that’s got me tied up: What is the stock market going to do next year?

And if you haven’t begun thinking about how 2020’s going to affect your wallet yet, here’s why you’d better start…

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