I’m a pretty unlikely investment expert – self-taught, spent time as a door-to-door salesman instead of going to college, and never filled my head with a lot of fancy theories from business school. I finally got in the door at a small brokerage firm by sheer perseverance, and the rest is history.

Over the next 30 years – as I managed money for some of the world’s wealthiest people – I read books, studied on my own and watched rich people to see how they invested. And I realized something startling…

The wealthy get rich and stay rich not by chasing the hottest tech stock of the day…

Not by buying an index fund and betting on the market as a whole…

But by having a bold, confident strategy – and never shying away from it.

Here’s their strategy in a nutshell: Identify the most underrated, underexposed and underappreciated stocks and buy those stocks when they are cheaper than dirt.

That’s how real investing is supposed to work.

  • It’s not about flashy headlines or hyperbolic nonsense.
  • It’s not about guessing which companies will be the next Apple or Google.
  • It’s not about tracking press releases or earnings announcements.

You just find undervalued “hidden gems” and then watch them soar.

Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done. Wall Street, in its endless quest for fees and commissions, keeps pushing investors to trade the most popular stocks, day in and day out.

More often than not, that only makes the banks money, while investors are left with nothing.

But sticking to our simple strategy of ruthless value hunting can lead to the exact opposite – you’ll be making a killing, while Wall Street can’t get their hands on a penny of your earnings.

Here in Max Wealth, I’ll show you the methods that your broker claims don’t exist.

But I was a broker for over 30 years, and let me tell you…

These methods are the only real way to take control of your money, grow your nest-egg, and beef up your bank account with six and seven digits.

I’ve done it myself, bagging nothing but double and triple-digit winners since 2013.

I’m talking about deals like…

A 122% gain on a community bank branch…

A 124% profit on a financial holding company…

And a 134% return last year on a savings and loan company – also known as a “thrift” – that serves small and medium businesses.

I do it all by following five incredibly simple rules…which I’ll show you right here.

Rules that lead me to truly explosive gains.

I’m not saying this to brag – though it’s admittedly easy to do so.

I’m saying this because – unlike what Wall St. wants you to think – making these returns all comes down to being absolutely unreasonable…

Unreasonable in our commitment to avoid the stupidly high prices the market offers in the form of Amazon and other overvalued companies…

Unreasonable in our hunt for financially strong investments the market is overlooking…

And, most importantly, unreasonable in our willingness to accept only the most unreasonably attractive prices.

Many of the companies we’ll be targeting will be ones you’ve never heard of. Some might even go as far as to call them “boring.”

Let me be blunt for a second…

Is there anything boring about returns as gargantuan as 500%, 700%, and even 1,200%?

I don’t think so.

The best part is you don’t need to deal with complicated options, day trading, or playing the market as a whole.

It’s just investing, plain and simple.

And it’s the proven way to unlock explosive gains, over and over,

Twice every trading week, I’ll send out alerts to Max Wealth Members showing you my strategy – and the secrets of making triple-digit returns using nothing but your brokerage account.

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