A Different Kind of Dividend

Today is Thanksgiving Day, and it’s probably my favorite holiday of the year.

Just like every other Thanksgiving of my adult years, I’m waking up early, making sausage and sage stuffing, and getting the turkey ready for the oven.

The prep started several days ago as my wife began making pies – this year we’re having white potato and pecan.

Then she set a table that would make Emily Post blush with envy at the sight of her elaborate holiday decorations.

She’s also run the vacuum to the point that the dogs have called their congressman, and everything else that goes into getting ready for the incoming horde of family and friends.

As is the case every year, I have a lot to be thankful for this year, so let’s get started

So Many Reasons to be Thankful

To start with, there’s the day itself.

There will be mountains of great food, oceans of wine and bourbon, family friends, and the world’s most beautiful granddaughter will be in attendance.

It will be the only day of the year that we’ll have the NFL on the tube most of the day, as is tradition.

Thanksgiving features everything we love about the holidays, but I don’t have to buy a single present for anybody.

This will be our first Holiday season in South Florida, and the fact that it will be in the 80s and sunny is something else to be appreciative of this Thanksgiving as well.

We’re all grateful for family (most of the time, and usually with a few notable exceptions to be sure), but when I look around the table today at my wife, the kids, and the world’s most beautiful granddaughter, I cannot help but think about the journey it’s taken to get us all to this time and place, and I’m thankful for everyone who has lent a hand along the way.

The Setting for Success

As always, I’m thankful that I came of age in a time and a place where a story like mine is even possible.

To go from high school dropout delinquent to a successful investor and writer can’t happen in many parts of the world.

I was damned lucky to be born and live here in the U.S., and I’m profoundly grateful for that fortuitous set of circumstances.

I get that capitalism can be cruel at times and isn’t perfect, but it’s the best system to allow individuals to improve their lives by intelligence and effort.

As Ken Langone wrote in his outstanding book, I Love Capitalism, “Capitalism works. Let me say it again: It works! And, I’m living proof it can work for anybody and everybody. Absolutely anybody is entitled to dream big, and absolutely everybody should dream big. I did. Show me where the silver spoon was in my mouth. I’ve got to argue profoundly and passionately; I’m the American Dream.”


Words to Live By

I’m grateful for books. Without books, this life never happened.

I learned about markets and finance by reading. The same goes for cooking and mixing a world-class Manhattan.

Close examination of biographies of some of the greatest men and women who ever lived helped me focus on developing the traits I would need to live the life I wanted to live.

Books have educated and entertained me ever since I was a kid going to the bookmobile with my much-treasured library card.

I’m also thankful for all those great investors who were either kind enough to share their theories and investment ideas on their own and those who were merely compelled by federal securities laws to disclose their activities.

Studying the “what” and “why” of people who have built vast fortunes in the markets has helped me uncover the traits and techniques that can be used to help us make wildly profitable returns in the markets.

Minding My P’s and Q’s

I am thankful for all the good folks at Money Map Press who help me get my story and message out to the world.

Cutting through the noise and showing folks how to use the same basic strategies that made private equity fund managers, real estate tycoons, and other rich folks did to make enormous amounts of money is a passion and I am better at it because of the incredible team I have up there in Baltimore.

They keep me on track and on point, and it’s a great group of people to spend time around.

Most of All, You

Finally, I’m grateful for the thousands of you who read my articles and ideas every week here at Max Wealth and Heatseekers.

Showing you how to make more money in the market is the reason I get up in the morning… well, that and lots of coffee.

I consider it an honor and a great responsibility to be able to help you reach your financial dreams and live the life you have always wanted to live.

Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone!

To the Max


Tim Melvin

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