A Different Kind of Dividend

Today is Thanksgiving Day, and it’s probably my favorite holiday of the year.

Just like every other Thanksgiving of my adult years, I’m waking up early, making sausage and sage stuffing, and getting the turkey ready for the oven.

The prep started several days ago as my wife began making pies – this year we’re having white potato and pecan.

Then she set a table that would make Emily Post blush with envy at the sight of her elaborate holiday decorations.

She’s also run the vacuum to the point that the dogs have called their congressman, and everything else that goes into getting ready for the incoming horde of family and friends.

As is the case every year, I have a lot to be thankful for this year, so let’s get started

Leveraging the Power of Puts Against Insider Trading

Today we’re diving deeper into using insider trading to filter opportunities in the stock market.

I decided to see what happened when we added insider selling to the screens I use to identify hopelessly overvalued companies experiencing financial difficulty.

I’m by no means a huge trader, but I’m not opposed to putting on a “chicken short” using puts or put spreads from time to time, either.

If you can get a high-probability trade on an overvalued company, then putting a few dollars into a small trade can have huge payouts over time.

But in order to succeed you need the right rules, discipline, and a few good targets like these