Get Outside of the Box and Crush Index Returns

I spent the past weekend at an investment conference that featured a bunch of speakers talking about various ways to make money in the financial markets.

The dirty little secret is that I don’t go to watch the presentations.

I go mostly to visit with friends who are speaking, as was the case this time.

I also take the opportunity to do a lot of people watching and small talk to see what people are currently doing with their money and what their concerns are at a given moment in time.

The presentations, for the most part, were pretty run-of-the-mill, vanilla, low-cost index funds and buy-and-hold strategies.

That might be okay for some, but if you want to be financially secure sometime this century, then you’re going to need a better plan.

Lucky for you, I have a few I can show you

Grow Your Income with This Million Dollar Insider

Before we move on from the Million Dollar Insider Strategy, I want to point out one other very interesting (and potentially wildly profitable) thing that I noticed when I ran the screens earlier this week.

We all know that rates have been low and are likely to stay low for an extended period of time.

So this is going to be of particular interest to those of you who are looking for investments that produce high rates of income.

In the financial world, it’s important to know which institutions to pay attention to when they make a big move.

I have been around the markets for a very long time.

I’ve read thousands of reports, shareholder letters, and associated SEC filings. I have interviewed hundreds of fund managers and traders and conducted numerous tests of the various strategies they allegedly use.

I’ve made it a point to discover who the “smart” money is and who the just “okay” money is.

It takes something very special to get my attention, and this insider has it