You Could See Returns Over 30% a Year with Tech Companies Like These

Today, as promised, I will tell you about the stocks that currently qualify for inclusion the small-cash, high-cash flow strategy.

Before I get to the companies, I want to remind you that it is a very volatile and aggressive approach to making money.

It works extraordinarily well with returns that would make the best performing hedge funds green with envy, but you will see huge swings in the short-term.

You try to control some of the risks by running checks once a week. That way you can jump out of stocks where free cash flow has dried up or have appreciated to a higher valuation, but these are small-cap tech stocks that move a lot.

Let’s review the rules before I dive into the individual stocks

Spend Less Time on Your Portfolio and Increase Your Returns Using This Strategy

I had to talk myself into writing this article.

I have revealed – for free – two powerful bank stock investing strategies so far.

Putting the details of my third approach on the table with an example is going to cost me money.

Once I reveal a stock to you, I can’t buy the shares for myself because of our strict ownership policies here at Money Map Press, designed to protect readers from front-running and other types of double-dealing we have seen in the word of financial publishing.

Once I put this name out in the world – again, at no cost – this bank cannot be in my personal portfolio.

Nonetheless after pacing about for a bit I decided to go ahead and put this strategy out there for you to use.

Again, most folks won’t because it’s just old, boring bank stocks, and you want to own the next big thing.

If you want to able to brag around the water cooler, or over drinks at the club after 18 holes about the whizbang wonder stock you own, or you need to hear your stocks being talked about on TV and in print to verify your purchases, then this strategy is not for you.

However, if quietly and continually making the types of returns that most investors (and even most hedge fund managers) can only dream about, then read on.