Build a REIT Empire That Could Earn You Over 20% Annually

When I talk to people about owning REITs, I find that there are two types of people: those who ask me where Amazon closed today to change the subject, and those who get it and already own a bunch of REITs.

In most cases, most of the second class of folks are either related to me, or have been associated with me for years.

Warren Buffett once said that when it comes to value investing – you either get it, or you don’t.

When it comes to owning REITs at bargain prices, most people just plainly don’t get it at all.

Do yourself a favor- take a look at the Forbes 400 and look how many of these vast fortunes were generated by real estate projects of one sort of another.

Consider the richest guys in your town. Now ask yourself, “How many of them made their cash in the real estate game?”

Real estate properly purchased and managed is responsible for countless fortunes, and I can show you how

Outperform the Billionaires and Indexes with Stocks Like These

I’ve made my deep and abiding love of bank stocks pretty well known.

As I mentioned before, people think I’m crazy for owning so many boring little banks when there are so many (much more exciting) companies to own.

I quit arguing with these folks a long time ago. I just laugh to myself, cash my fat dividend checks, and wait for the next takeover announcement that doubles, or even triples my original stake.

People forget that all those exciting companies need banks.

So do the big blue-chip companies, the mom and pop shops on Main Street, and everything in between.

Banks make the world go-round and are pretty profitable to boot.

As a bonus, we still have too many banks in this country, and we are in the middle of a decades-long consolidation trend that leads to steady takeover activity amongst the small to mid-size banks I like to own.

But as great as banks are, they still need this one thing to do business…