Be the Next Investor with an Extra $40 Million Laying Around

We know the story of the billionaire paying off student loans of an entire graduating class.

He didn’t do it by investing in Google…

Or Amazon…

Or on some hot Silicon Valley startup in 2000…

Instead, he specializes in emerging technologies.

Robert F. Smith runs Vista Equity, a private-equity firm evaluating and investing in what the firm calls software, data, and technology-enabled organizations led by world-class management teams.

He is the best tech investor that no one had ever heard of until this week.

Well, almost no one.

I have been tracking this stone-cold genius for years, because his fund is one of the top performers of all time.

Now you can do more with a lot less than a several billion-dollar system.

How Tech Investor Donated $40 Million Without Hurting His Pocket

While normally it would take a seven-figure check to get into Smith’s private-equity fund, Vista Equity manages a public-equities strategy that invests in global technology, media, and telecommunications sectors.

I make it a simple matter to clone his picks and use his same strategy to make insane amounts of money in tech stocks.

Sure we won’t all be able to pay for an entire graduating class, but wouldn’t it be nice to make enough cash in the hottest tech stocks to pay off your kids or grandkids loans?

Or maybe enough to upgrade to that dream home at the beach you and your spouse have always wanted to retire?

Mr. Smith has made billions for himself and his investors, and we can use his knowledge to make a few million for ourselves.

And that’s all we need to care about.

Just cloning his holdings and rebalancing our portfolio every quarter whenever the 13F forms are filed with the SEC easily beats the S&P 500 by a wide margin.

You buy what he buys and sell when he sells, and you will pile up cash in your account faster than you thought possible.

I am no tech expert, and you don’t need to be a cutting-edge tech person either, but I know how to make tech work for me

I have recognized my strength in knowing what I do not know.

I sincerely doubt that Mr. Smith knows bank REITs and traditional buyout strategies as well as I do, but when it comes to tech, he is two heads and several shoulders above me.

I like my approach since it offers high returns on its own, but I bet some of you may want to have some tech exposure in your portfolio.

Since I don’t do new tech, I will instead point you in the direction of someone who knows it very well.

Let’s Breakdown This Billionaire’s Top 5 Picks

Smith’s top five holdings at the end of the first quarter were these stocks.

Talend S.A. (TLND) is a leader in cloud-based data integration and data integrity.

It is clear that Mr. Smith and his team are making big bets on big data, which is probably pretty smart.

Big data analytics is changing everything from business to sports like my favorite baseball leading the way to make investors rich.

Talend offers a single suite of data integration and data integrity apps that delivers clean data across an organization quickly.

If they come anywhere close to the five-year earnings projection, this stock will go a lot higher over the next several years.

Comscore (SCOR) is an information and analytics company that helps companies evaluate consumer behavior and advertising results.

According to the company “With a data footprint that combines digital, linear TV, over-the-top, and theatrical viewership intelligence with advanced audience insights, Comscore allows media buyers and sellers to quantify their multiscreen behavior and make business decisions with confidence.”

As big data continues to become a tool and the world continues to move online, this should be a fantastic business.

Avalara (AVLR) makes software to help deal with one of the world’s oldest problems.

They make software that helps companies deal with transaction taxes like sales tax registrations, value-added taxes, excise, communications, and hotel taxes.

They help companies get their returns together and deal with various regulatory can tax compliance issues.

Pretty much every industry pays one or more of these taxes, so anything that can speed up the process and reduce audits and errors is going to be well received.

Pluralsight (PS) offers a cloud-based technology skills platform that can measure the user’s skills and use machine learning to suggest areas of improvement.

They also provide a digital course laboratory that has on-demand courses across a range of technology subject areas, such as cloud, mobile, security, IT, and data.

The world is becoming more tech dependent every day, and anything that can help improve the tech skills in a company will see strong demand that could drive the stock price a lot higher.

LiveRamp Holdings (RAMP) is yet another company in the data business.

According to their web site, their product model “connects people, data, and devices across the digital and physical world, powering the people-based marketing revolution and allowing consumers to connect with the brands and products they love safely.”

It tracks data points back to people and allows for more focused marketing and outreach.

I will confess that this technology scares me a little, but at the same time it is going to make companies that are useful in the space and an enormous amount of money going forward.

These are the types of ideas and companies that allowed Robert Smith to pay off the student loans of an entire graduating class of four hundred students making for a great start of the lives.

Stealing his stock ideas just might help you make a few grand gestures of your own.

To the Max,

Tim Melvin

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