I’m Going Undercover at a Weed Conference This Week

I’m not a cannabis investor.

I simply HATE 99% of cannabis stocks.

I can’t pay the nosebleed multiples that most of these stocks trade at right now without breaking out in hives.

It seems that every time the media gets involved, a handful of these tiny no-name pot companies with no funding, no business plan, and a terrible set of numbers suddenly start looking like a dazzling opportunity.

They say, “This company is going to totally change the world!”

But in reality, anyone who does even the smallest amount of proper investigation will know that this is dead wrong.

However, this coming week, I’m stepping a little bit outside my norm and doing something that may surprise you.

I’m going to a cannabis investor’s conference in Miami, Florida.

Here’s why…

The Cannabis Industry Will Be HUGE

I’m really interested in the opportunity for banks and investment banks to do business with the cannabis companies.

Cannabis, in fact, is going to be an enormous business as more and more states decriminalize or even legalize marijuana for recreational and medical use.

So, I’m just going to be observing what’s going on and talking to people about their banking and investment banking relationships.

And here’s the thing:

Even though 99% of cannabis stocks will turn out to be terrible investments, a few of the very best ones will turn out to be outstanding investments.

Fortunately, I know one organization that has really done its homework when it comes to cannabis investing.

And in my opinion, you will find no other organization capable of delivering the same quality of cannabis investing advice anywhere on earth.

It’s called The National Institute of Cannabis Investors.

This organization completely demystifies cannabis investing and helps you identify the companies with the very best potential.

Former speaker of the House, John Boehner, even helped spearhead this brand new institute.

While in office, Boehner was one of the staunchest opponents of cannabis.

Now, due to a dramatic change of heart, he’s one of its biggest allies.

In regards to cannabis, Boehner says, “I’m all in…”

To learn more about the institute, and to see the one other absolutely shocking thing Boehner said, watch this video here.

And if you want to take your cannabis investment research to the next level, I want to share with you exactly how to gain access to cannabis IPO’s with the greatest potential…

An Explosion of Cannabis IPOs Is Headed Our Way

As the heart of the National Institute of Cannabis Investors, one team of researchers have been working exceptionally hard over the recent months to uncover the very best emerging cannabis companies.

While investing in any one of these companies is still a risk, they’ve identified 4 companies, in particular, that they believe could unleash up to $12 billion in new wealth by January 31.

And that’s not a whole lot of time.

According to their research, these companies could set new opening day records.

These new opening records could mint a new generation of millionaires.

Average people have made tens of millions of dollars from Cannabis IPOs.

They’ve laid out all the information you need on how to learn about these IPO’s in this video here.

For a Backdoor Cannabis Play, Consider This Government Investment

I’m going to take the opportunity in the upcoming Miami cannabis conference to see what I can find.

Worst case, I get to hang out with some friends and enjoy Miami Beach, having not been there for quite a while.

So, I’m looking forward to this upcoming event, and I’m excited to share with you soon exactly what I uncovered at this upcoming conference.

Even if you don’t want to invest directly in cannabis, there is still a way to profit by staying involved.

Interestingly, my newest stock selection in Heatseekers does have a cannabis connection.

This company was a pioneer and remains a market leader in helping government agencies provide online services and payment processing.

It just so happens that one of those services is online tracking for medical marijuana companies.

I’ll be publishing this alert on Monday.

To get onboard with Heatseekers before I publish this exciting backdoor alert, click here.

To the Max,

Tim Melvin

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