New Podcast: Avoid the “Dumb Things,” Make Lots of Money

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Whenever I travel to Baltimore to visit the Money Map Press offices, I always make sure to leave some time in my schedule to drop in and talk to Bill Patalon.

I have long admired Bill’s vast knowledge of financial history and his ability to relay that knowledge through compelling stories.

Bill is practically a legend, having dedicated himself to a long and storied career in financial journalism, and he has published through Money Map Press since its inception.

He is not just a great writer about markets, but also a very successful investor in his own right who has helped his readers make some massive long term profits over the years. When you get a chance to learn from his incredible store of market knowledge, you should take advantage of it, as I have over the years.

He publishes his exclusive stock recommendations through his popular service, Private Briefing, which you can learn about by clicking here.

I never cease to exit his office smarter than I was when I entered.

Our conversations run the gamut from baseball to markets to politics and back again.  On any given day, we could talk about defense stocks, semiconductors, Manny Machado, old muscle cars, arbitrage strategies, why so many individual investors fail, why winning investors win, bank stocks, REITs, long term strategies we have seen work very well over the years, Brooks Robinson, Mickey Mantle, and activist investing.

If you like baseball as much as Bill and I do, you may enjoy learning about the sabermetrics strategy we’re using in my Heatseekers service here.

One day, we had some company in the office and they turned to us and said, “You know, you guys should really tape this.”

Bill and I decided that was a pretty good idea. We have similar views of the markets and between us have over 60 years of experience watching and learning from the greatest minds on Wall Street.

So sit back and enjoy “Dumb Markets and Smart Money,” the first podcast which I hope will be just one of many more opportunities for the two of us to discuss markets and life.

To the max,

Tim Melvin

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