Beat 2019 Volatility – Invest in 48 of America’s Most Beautiful Hotels

This week, we are gearing up for the start of a brand new year, one that has been made no less exciting by all the volatility we have seen in the markets lately.

We have seen wild swings and a whole bunch of pain for short-term traders and Nervous Nellies. If you cannot hold still during declines without panicking or trying to move in and out and “time” the bottom, the odds of you having a successful investing career are pretty low.

Even the all-time hero of most traders, Jesse Livermore, once quipped that he didn’t make money in the buying or selling, but in the sitting. Yes, it can be difficult, but if it were easy everyone would be filthy rich.

But to make things easier for my Heatseekers subscribers, this past Monday I released a brand new stock recommendation that I believe will help them make outstanding profits over the long term regardless of the short term volatility we are seeing.

You can watch the video here below, and if you want to see the actual stock recommendation, you can consider signing up for my Heatseekers research service by clicking here.

If you travel much at all, you will recognize many of the hotels owned by the company associated with our newest recommendation.

Our newest Heatseeker owns 48 hotels in gateway markets like Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Annapolis, Miami, and the West Coast.

These are not your roadside motels of dubious quality but high-quality locations in highly desirable markets. The strength of the markets as destinations should help keep occupancy rates high.

Here are just a few of their hotels in those locations:

  • New York City: They own the Hilton Garden Inn in Manhattan Midtown East, the Holiday Inn Express at Madison Square Garden, and the Hyatt at Union Square.
  • Philadelphia: They own the Rittenhouse, a hotel where I have stayed many times.
  • Annapolis: They own the Annapolis Waterfront Hotel where I have enjoyed many a post boating frolic at the Pusser’s Rum Bar in the hotel. This time of year reminds me that we used to rent rooms in that hotel every year for the Annapolis Yacht Club’s Christmas Boat Parade of Lights.
  • Miami: They own the Coconut Grove Ritz Carleton and the Cadillac Hotel and Beach Club.
  • Key West: They own the Parrot Key Hotel and Villas. Like the Cadillac beach resort in Miami, the hotel is finally open again after repair form damage caused by Hurricane Irma. They should also complete all their renovations that are designed to increase the return on investment of older properties. Parrot Key Hotel and Villas has 9 properties they have purchased since 2016 are well positioned to provide 27% of total cash flow by 2020.
  • West Coast: They also own 8 properties on the West Coast, including the Sanctuary Beach Resort and the Pan Pacific Hotel Seattle.

If management can grow the net asset value and cash flows of the company at 10% annually for the next several years, the value of the REIT and the stock price could easily double or triple over the next 5 years.

To the max,

Tim Melvin

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