Beat 2019 Volatility – Invest in 48 of America’s Most Beautiful Hotels

This week, we are gearing up for the start of a brand new year, one that has been made no less exciting by all the volatility we have seen in the markets lately.

We have seen wild swings and a whole bunch of pain for short-term traders and Nervous Nellies. If you cannot hold still during declines without panicking or trying to move in and out and “time” the bottom, the odds of you having a successful investing career are pretty low.

Even the all-time hero of most traders, Jesse Livermore, once quipped that he didn’t make money in the buying or selling, but in the sitting. Yes, it can be difficult, but if it were easy everyone would be filthy rich.

But to make things easier for my Heatseekers subscribers, this past Monday I released a brand new stock recommendation that I believe will help them make outstanding profits over the long term regardless of the short term volatility we are seeing.

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New Podcast: Avoid the “Dumb Things,” Make Lots of Money

Whenever I travel to Baltimore to visit the Money Map Press offices, I always make sure to leave some time in my schedule to drop in and talk to Bill Patalon.

I have long admired Bill’s vast knowledge of financial history and his ability to relay that knowledge through compelling stories.

Bill is practically a legend, having dedicated himself to a long and storied career in financial journalism, and he has published through Money Map Press since its inception.

Click here to see my very first podcast episode with Bill.