The “Witch of Wall Street” Reveals Why We Should Celebrate This Market Turndown

We are having one of the worst Octobers in the past decade.

Prices took some huge hits this month, and some folks under 35 have learned for the first time in their lives that stocks can actually go down.

It’s a little scary if you have never seen this type of price action, but I’ve seen it so many times that so far I have not paid much attention.

The market has not offered a bunch of bargains yet, so there is not much to do at the moment. But personally, I am hoping that changes soon.

At my house, we don’t celebrate new highs.

We expect new highs to happen, as we know that human nature itself means we all are going to want to strive to build a better life for ourselves and our families. That striving leads to innovation and growth that provides an upward drift in the equity markets over extended periods of time. It happens all over the world, but nowhere is it more evident than here in the United States.

Instead, we celebrate these occasional violent down moves.

These down moves cover Wall Street in blood and vomit, while Main Street huddles under the kitchen table in fear, cuddling a bottle of cheap gin.

But that’s when fortunes are made.

And that’s exactly how one lone, miserly woman, known as the “Witch of Wall Street,” made her fortune.

So today, I want to reveal that woman to you, and share with you exactly how you too can spot those opportunities…

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How You Could Have Made $385,000 More Investing in REITs Over Stocks

I love real estate.

And I love it for one good reason. 

Outside of owning a successful business, the top way to get rich is investing in real estate.

Most of us will never be real estate developers, but thanks to the miracle of REITs we can all own all sorts of sod real estate investments. We can own skyscrapers, warehouses, cell towers, apartment buildings, and just about any type of property we wish.

And here’s the best part about it: We never even need to speak to a real estate agent.

With the click of a mouse, we can become an owner of farms, senior living facilities, and even medical cannabis facilities.

So today, I want to take a deep dive into how you can make a ton of money investing in REITs as opposed to stocks.

And I’ll even reveal how you could have made $385,000 more if you had invested in them over a long period of time.

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