The Best Way You Can Make Triple Digits with Your Normal Old Brokerage Account

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Tomorrow at 8 p.m., you’ll see how Tim Melvin has been able to outperform, outsmart, and outmaneuver the greatest financial minds for DECADES – and how he continues to put every investing expert to shame. But you must register now. Knowing how private Tim is, I believe he could pull this offline with no warning. Don’t miss this.

As you can see from my picture, I don’t do “fancy.”

I like comfortably loose shirts, good food, and in general, simple things that work.

It’s no surprise to anyone keeping up with the news that we live in an investing culture that values everything but investing.

Nowadays, everyone sprints for the Next Big Idea that they think can hand them quick and easy gains. They use complex investment strategies and endless leverage. And then when it all goes south, they lose their shirts (which are a lot more expensive than mine).

At this point, I just want to punch the next smug-looking, slick-haired 25-year-old that recommends buying “growth” to me or the world at large. They must have gone to the same school or something, because they all espouse the exact same inaccurate gibberish.

Are there highly-educated, finance-degree carrying idiots out there who really think Ben Graham, Walter Schloss, and Seth Klarman made all their money buying popular stocks at double-digit P/E Ratios or high book values?

I can assure you they did not.

Legendary investors – and “real world” millionaires — all made their wealth the same way that I did: searching for the forgotten “hidden gems” of the market… buying them at obscenely cheap prices… and then watching as they climb and climb and climb.

These gems are hiding right in plain sight… and can be bought in your standard, no-frills-attached brokerage account… if you know where to look.

I’ve been on that journey for 30 years now, and while I’m nowhere near the smartest guy in the world, my track record of non-stop double- and triple-digit winners since 2013 shows I may know something about what I’m talking about.

And tomorrow night at 8pm, I’m going to show you how I do it – but only if you register here…

How to Generate Your Own Perfect Track Record

On average over the last decade, there have been about 35 stocks per day that fit the “hidden gem” bill at any given time. At the bottom of the credit crisis, 123 companies qualified as strong investments.

Think about that: about 4,500 stocks trade on the U.S. exchanges and pink sheets and other dark corners of the NASDAQ markets. On any given day, less than 50 usually meet the rigid criteria that represent an insanely underappreciated money-maker, at a bargain-basement price.

That means the biggest funds cannot play this game, but you and I can.

And we should, because it can pay extremely well.

In case you’ve been asleep over the past few weeks, let me reiterate:

For the past five years, I haven’t taken a loss on a single stock recommendation.

  • All 32 of my closed positions are winners. Not some, not most, ALL OF THEM.
  • My average gain is 70%
  • And as of August 8th, 85 of my 87 open positions are up (the vast majority by double and triple-digits).

This gives me a 98% WIN RATE.

All without any fancy leveraged strategies or special clearance.

I generate one massive winning play after another by converting every publicly traded stock into a single number that helps me determine the probability a stock will go up, by how much, and when it will happen.

And it’s all thanks to baseball.

To be specific, sabermetrics.

For those of you who don’t know – sabermetrics is the art and science of translating math into baseball wins – and the premise of the book and film “Moneyball.”

So far, no one has been able to figure out how to apply those principles effectively to investing… except me.

Maybe because I think a little differently than everyone else.

But the thing is… crazy as it sounds, this actually works.

And it’s more effective than anything I’ve ever seen (see above: “undefeated track record“).

Tomorrow night at 8pm…for the first and probably last time… I’ll reveal my secret.

There’s not much time left to sign up… so register here now. This may be your last chance.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

To the Max,


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